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Getting Ready For Autumn

With the summer coming to an end and autumn knocking on the door it’s about time we all thought about some Autumn lawn care.  Here are a few services we start to complete towards the end of summer/early autumn:  Turf pests This summer has provided a mixture of long hot days and at times heavy […]

Record Sales for Quarter One!

With record sales for Quarter 1, the grass is looking even greener at TruGreen What a scorcher of a month! While the Met Office confirmed the hottest Easter Monday on record across all 4 nations of the UK, TruGreen was breaking records of its own. Figures showed a fantastic 29% rise on previous year revenue […]

TruGreen Gloucestershire Wins Rookie Of The Year Award

A Gloucestershire based Lawncare company is celebrating after collecting a prestigious business award in franchising only 2 years into business. TruGreen Gloucestershire are left celebrating after scooping the “Rookie of the Year Award” at ServiceMaster Ltd.’s annual business awards ceremony. Rookie of the Year is awarded to new franchisees that have been in business for […]

Barbecue Season Etiquette

Today, the 4th July as well a being Independence Day in America, it’s also Barbecue Day! Hopefully, the clouds will subside, the rain will move on and the sun will shine down on your gardens, thus being able to light the barbecue. There are a few things you must do before and after you have […]

TruGreen is now in Guernsey!

TruGreen’s Newest Lawncare Professional has arrived and she’s here to “save grass, one lawn at a time!” On Friday 14th June, Natalie Cross successfully completed the TruGreen Training Academy and passed all external examinations to start her exciting journey as a member of the TruGreen franchisee network. After many years living in Lancashire and a […]

When Should You Water Your Lawn?

With the settled weather and increased temperatures, it is worth reminding yourselves of the best practices when applying water to a lawn. The grass plant does not need the amount of water some people think, as it is naturally designed to use moisture through rain efficiently. But if Mother Nature does not provide enough rain […]

Make Your Garden A Garden Gym

Did you know that you can make your own garden gym?! Being active is important to improve your health and reduce the risk of developing diseases like type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Here are a few ideas to get on with exercising in your garden. The Plant Squat You can do squats in your […]

National Gardening Week – Lawn Maintenance

All you keen and not so keen gardeners it’s National Gardening Week this week! There is no better time to be out and about in your garden sorting out your vegetable patches and of course, more importantly, your lawn! What Lawn Maintenance Do I Need To Do? There are a few tasks you can do […]

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Going green is easier than you may think and there are a few little things you can do every day to help save our precious earth. The little things that we can do to help save the environment, are the ones that make the biggest difference. 1.   Save water every day Conserving water is important because […]

Spring Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases are very common in the UK due to the changes in weather, especially because of the changes in humidity. There are three main lawn diseases that you need to look out for during the springtime and here they are. The 3 main lawn diseases Microdochium Patch Microdochium Patch occurs most commonly in early […]

What is the use of a water butt?

Nowadays, with the world going environmentally friendly, a water butt is a great way of helping the environment and collecting rainwater. Why should I get a water butt? Your lawn, your outdoor and indoor plants all need water to survive, and rainwater is a much healthier option than tap water. Tap water is treated at […]

What is Aeration?

Aeration is a major factor in getting the perfect lawn that you’ve always wanted! It is vital that a good supply of air is available to the root structure of the plant, as this will allow for efficient use of the nutrients applied through fertiliser applications. Types of aeration There are two main types of […]

TruGreen Arden territory purchase

Late in 2017, George Michaela underwent significant training with international franchise TruGreen Professional LawnCare, which is a franchise of one of the UK’s leading and largest multi-brand franchisors ServiceMaster, and became the owner of TruGreen West Midlands along with his son, Paul. However, when he heard earlier this year that a territory next door to […]

What is Scarification?

Scarification is a mechanical operation which removes all unwanted organic matter (thatch) and will remove any straggly lateral growth from the lawn. The process will also remove moss that will otherwise choke out the grass plant and restrict growth. What does scarification remove from a lawn; Organic matter/ Thatch Moss Straggly lateral growth from the […]

Dealing with moss on your lawn

Moss control is our first treatment of the year, because if untreated it will manifest itself and choke out healthy grasses, as well as starving the grass plant of the all-important nutrients applied through fertiliser. How does Moss occur? Moss coverage is something that every lawn will encounter at some time. Here are a few […]

TruGreen Franchisee Supports Local Charity

TruGreen Gloucestershire owner Mike Simmonds dusted off and laced up his football boots to take part in a charity football match to support and raise funds for local Gloucestershire charities. The tournament, organised by Kate Barrett, Business Manager of Griffiths Marshall, aims to help raise funds for various charities, including Gloucestershire Young Carers who are […]

How to maintain your lawn during winter

How to maintain your lawn during winter During the winter months, your lawn needs to be managed in a number of different ways to help it survive the colder temperatures and reduced daylight hours. Here are a few lawn care treatments that you can do to keep your lawn healthy during the cooler months. Keep calm […]

5 Tips for bonfire night at home

5 Tips for bonfire night at home OOOOOOH and AAAAAAH! These two words are usually only said on Bonfire Night night, from the spectacular fireworks displays that pop up around the country. Some people however, decide to do their own firework displays in their back garden and annoy the neighbours! Here are 5 tips to […]

Will having a pet ruin your lawn?

Will having a pet ruin your lawn? Over 45% of the UK population own a pet and the majority of those will have a lawn, especially dog or cat owners. If your lawn isn’t looked after even without a pet in the household, it will not thrive and give you the green grass you dream […]

The best time to aerate is now!

The best time to aerate is now! There are certain times of the year when you need to aerate your lawn, to enhance and encourage growth, that time is now! What is aerating? Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes, this allows air, water, and nutrients to get access to the […]