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Why have a professional scarification programme

The benefits of a first-class scarification programme. Maintaining your lawn year-round means using the time before spring effectively. The one thing that unifies all seasonal lawn care is consistency. Starting a proper treatment programme will only benefit your lawn’s growth, health, and appearance in the long run. Start thinking about spring scarification to put some […]

How to make Valentine’s flowers last longer

Make your flowers go further this Valentine’s Day with these tips. Happy Valentine’s Day! However it is that you’re celebrating today, it’s safe to say that flowers are probably involved in some way. Whether your valentine surprises you with red roses or pink peonies today, it would be nice if they could last longer than […]

Weed control best practices

Easy steps to rid your lawn of weeds. For gardeners and lawn lovers worldwide, the no.1 enemy is weeds. Not only are they unsightly, but they damage the lovely green grass on your lawn. Luckily, at TruGreen, our lawn care experts know all there is to know about weeds. To control them, there are some […]

How to prepare your lawn for spring

How to achieve a great lawn this spring through proper scarification and aeration. At TruGreen, we are already thinking about spring. Spring is a vital time in the year for lawn renovations. And we want you to be prepared. Failure to prepare for the upcoming growing season can leave you with the perfect centrepiece for […]

The 4 benefits of a great lawn

The pros of a TruGreen lawn. Have you noticed? The number 4 crops up in the natural world a lot: 4 main elements, four seasons, four cardinal directions on a compass, and a long time ago, people even used to diagnose illnesses through the four bodily humours! Though disproven by modern medicine, this highlights one […]

New Year: Winter lawn care

How to look after your lawn this new year. Happy New Year! The beginning of a new year brings many things: resolutions, longer days, and winter lawn care. The arrival of January presents lawn lovers with new challenges. Thankfully, as the world’s leading experts in lawn care for over 30 years, at TruGreen, we’ve seen […]

Is your Christmas tree harming your dog?

How your Christmas tree could be harming your dog. Christmas is almost here. So, for many, that means the outdoors has come in, and there is a colourful tree in your living room. At TruGreen, we’re all for festive foliage. The greener, the better, we always say! However, we also want to avoid any harm […]

How to treat mushrooms on your lawn

All you need to know about lawn fungi.  During the autumn and early winter, you’re likely to see mushrooms appear randomly on your lawn. These become more common as the level of dampness in the lawn surface increases and temperatures fall. But why? This comprehensive guide from TruGreen Professional Lawn Care UK covers all aspects […]

Moss treatment using Iron Sulphate

How TruGreen treats moss with Iron Sulphate. Perhaps surprisingly, moss can prove a significant danger to your lawn. To prevent long-term damage from moss, you must start moss treatments as soon as the weather allows. This is necessary to prepare the lawn for scarification to remove moss and encourage strong spring growth. Moss will grow thick […]

Don’t neglect your lawn over winter

TruGreen ‘Grass Guru’ Steve Welch gives his top turf treatment tips for winter. With an unrivalled passion for lawn care and over four decades of industry experience, Steve Welch became Brand Leader for TruGreen, the world’s largest lawn care brand after many years of working in stadium management, including Grounds Manager for Wembley Stadium. “Wherever […]

Essential lawn care jobs you need to do this autumn

Autumnal jobs for the prepared lawn lover. I was almost late for work today because of the giant wall of leaves I stepped into immediately outside my back door. Realising this means autumn is upon us, I couldn’t help but think of all the jobs to be done to the lawn in the coming season. […]

TruGreen Lawn Care in Gloucestershire expands to cover Hereford and Worcester

Mike Simmonds and the team at TruGreen in Gloucestershire are looking forward to providing their trademark expert lawn care services to Hereford and Worcester.  It’s been a busy time for Mike Simmonds and the team at TruGreen in Gloucestershire, who are eagerly preparing to expand their bespoke lawn care services to customers across Hereford and […]

Why Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets can mean trouble for your lawn

All you need to know about Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets.  During September and October, Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets are at large around the UK. Usually, the only way to eliminate them is with your local lawn care expert, like those at TruGreen Professional Lawn Care UK. But what on earth are Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets? […]

What is overseeding?

All you need to know about lawn restoration and enhancement through overseeding. Does your lawn appear thin, worn out, discoloured, or damaged no matter what you do? Flooding, dehydration, and other forms of lawn damage can have long-term impacts on the well-being of your turfgrass. If your lawn has sustained substantial damage, good upkeep, regular […]

Case Study: Professional leatherjacket lawn care from TruGreen Gloucestershire

How TruGreen Gloucestershire revitalised a seriously damaged lawn after some intense leatherjacket damage. The team at TruGreen Gloucestershire have been busy in Gotherington recently dealing with a leatherjacket infestation. What was the problem? Leatherjackets, the larvae of daddy long legs, were causing major grass thinning. This is usually caused by feeding on the roots of […]