Help! My dog is ruining my lawn

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but your lawn and your dog are sworn enemies. The concentrated urea in your dog’s urine acts as a bleach, killing the grass and turning your lawn brown. Our lawn care experts are on hand to share their top tips for keeping your lawn healthy.

Prevention is key

  • Preventing the damage in the first place is the ideal solution (but isn’t always possible), so if you can, try and deter your dog from urinating on your lawn.
  • Your dog’s urine is harmful to your grass because of the high concentration of urea, a form of ammonia which turns into nitrates. To to minimise the damage, apply a bucket full of water to the affected area to dilute it and to lessen the damage to the plant as soon as possible.

Repair the damage

If your lawn is already damaged, you will need to replace the infected patch. To do this, follow our simple steps below:

  • Remove the damaged area to a depth of 3 inches and dispose of the waste.
  • Fill in the hole using a good quality top soil (available from garden centres) and firm until the area is level with the remainder of the lawn.
  • Over seed the patch using a perennial ryegrass mixture, which will allow for quick germination and grass establishment.

Strengthen the lawn after repair

  • Apply the correct fertiliser to the lawn to encourage good germination and to blend the new grasses in with that of the rest of the lawn.
  • Good lawn maintenance, including not cutting the grass too short and incorporating aeration, will further improve the lawn quality.

Call in the experts

If you’re unsure about treating the problem yourself, it’s best to call in a professional. TruGreen will give you a free in-depth lawn analysis and will deliver the best ongoing treatments for your lawn. Find your local TruGreen here.