Getting Ready For Autumn

With the summer coming to an end and autumn knocking on the door it’s about time we all thought about some Autumn lawn care. 

Here are a few services we start to complete towards the end of summer/early autumn:

 Turf pests

This summer has provided a mixture of long hot days and at times heavy downpours, providing the ideal conditions for chafer grubs and leather jackets to survive and prosper.

Chafer grubs and Leatherjackets are the most common lawn pests which feed on the roots of turf grasses, causing the plants to die and have a straw-coloured appearance.

It is important that any infestations are treated immediately, preferably at the larvae stage as this is to achieve the most efficient control.

Later treatments, when their development is more advanced, this can be less effective or require more than one treatment, resulting in major damage to the lawn.

Crane flies have already been seen flying around, and as they will now be laying their eggs, you are advised when noticing large numbers hovering over your lawn to contact TruGreen Professional Lawncare, as we have the product to control such problems to preserve your lawn quality.

Autumn Lawn Care

The application of the correct autumn fertiliser is important in maintaining lawn quality and health.

Most importantly by increasing the level of potassium we will raise the turf’s tolerance to disease, wear and soft growth as well as helping it to withstand low temperature during the winter months.

Additional benefits of our controlled release autumn fertilisers include the retention of colour and a healthy root structure. These are important factors if the lawn is to survive periods of frost and snow.

Sowing grass seed in the autumn

One of the most asked questions in the autumn is “can my lawn be over sown at this time of the year”?

In many ways, the late summer and autumn can be the best time of year to overseed a lawn, especially after scarification and aeration have been completed.

The soil is warmer in the autumn which encourages good germination and grass establishment. This can be more beneficial than in the spring when the soil temperature can still be cold.

Generally speaking, there is more chance of rainfall and less chance of drought late in the summer/early autumn.

Therefore given that moisture is essential in the germination process, the answer is simply one of, “yes it is fine to over sow a lawn in the autumn”

Importance of Autumn fertiliser

The application of the correct autumn fertiliser is important in maintaining lawn quality and health.

By controlling the opening and closing of the microscopic pores on the surface of the grass leaf, potassium is able to raise the turf’s tolerance but is known to also increase leaf strength, boosting the grass plant’s resistance to disease, wear and soft growth, as well as helping it withstand lower temperature.

Other benefits provided by potash are extended retention of colour and improved uptake of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium by the plant, which are important nutrients required for strong, healthy and consistent growth well into the autumn.

Autumn Aeration

Aerating is, without question, one of the most important aspects of lawncare, and the autumn period is an ideal time to complete the process prior to the wetter and colder winter months.

The Benefits of aerating a lawn in the autumn

  • Enables oxygen, nutrients and water to reach the root zone. A healthy root zone means good strong, healthy, growth, as heightened moisture and nutrients will enter the plant
  • Relieving compaction – will maintain drainage, reducing the amount of moisture at the base of the grass plant, preventing large amounts of moss from forming during the winter months.
  • Well aerated soil will increase both root depth and root mass, which will not only pay dividends during the winter months but increase drought resistance next summer.

Autumn Aerating

Prepare your lawn for winter

All lawns benefit from having any remaining thatch that has accumulated over the summer months removed before the onset of winter, and it is equally important to maintain drainage if moss is to be controlled.

Maximise your lawn’s ability to overcome the winter by speaking with your local TruGreen Professional Lawncare operator about the level of scarification, aeration and fertiliser that will be required. Combining these mechanical services and applying the correct level of nutrients will allow for a more healthy lawn come the spring.

Are your driveway and patio covered in moss?

Has your driveway been neglected? Is your patio greener than the lawn?

Thank goodness for TruGreen Professional Lawncare! Not only are we the Lawncare expert, but we can also offer much more.

You can be assured that we will make every effort to restore your driveway and patios to their former glory.

Why do hard standing surfaces need to be treated?

  • To remove unsightly moss and algae.
  • To remove the chance of injuries through people slipping.
  • To maintain the quality of your tarmac and block paving.


If you’re wanting any lawn care or hard standing surfaces coming up to and during autumn, then give us a call today. Find your nearest TruGreen technician here.