Ho! Ho! No! Why you shouldn’t leave things on the Lawn

There are many things you can do to protect your lawn and its growth throughout the year, and a big one is keeping it free of debris.

If you like to decorate the house at Christmas, you may extend your merry décor out to the garden. Unfortunately, leaving objects and furniture out on the lawn for any period of time can be very bad for the health of the grass plant, so we at TruGreen would actually advise keeping your decorations indoors. Humbug!

It might seem a little Scrooge-like, but there is good reason to keep your lawn free of debris. It is not advisable to leave anything on the lawn for any period of time. By covering the lawn, objects like reindeer lights, or Christmas trees kept in planters will prevent light and air from reaching the grasses below. This will result in a deterioration of the plant and a loss of grass cover. This, in turn, will allow mosses to invade the lawn’s surface during the dark and damp winter months.

Though we do offer treatment for moss, it’s better to take as many preventative measures now, to avoid it developing, as moss can form a layer over the lawn surface. This will not only rob it of the necessary nutrients but the all-important light and air that it needs to survive. Remember, during the winter months, don’t try and rake away moss before it has been treated – just get in touch with your local lawn care experts.

It’s never too early to think about maintaining your lawn for the New Year. Leaving your lawn uncovered is one of the many things you can do to ensure its good health year-round. Leaving the grass clear throughout the winter will allow for the grasses to survive more readily, and flourish once more in the spring.

Written by Tom Page