Lawn care myths busted

You’re bound to hear myth after myth on how to care for your lawn, well we want to make sure these are busted as they can have a negative effect on your lawn.

Here are our busted lawncare myths below:

Myth #1 Spiked Shoes Will Aerate Your Lawn

Myth – You may have seen spiked shoes advertised on TV or online designed to aerate your lawn. Or maybe you’ve been told by someone to wear spiked shoes while you mow the lawn.

Busted – We wouldn’t recommend these shoes at all and the reason is that you should be aerating at least 5% of the soil surface to mitigate a compacted lawn.
These shoes would not penetrate the soil deep enough to be effective, that’s why you should call one of our experts to aerate your lawn instead.

Myth #2 Mow to Help Germinate Your Lawn

Myth – Grass grows fastest in early spring and many people think that waiting for seed heads to develop and mowing them back into your lawn will help re-seed your lawn.

Busted – This is not at all the case and this will more than likely affect the growth of your lawn in a negative way, as the seeds are not yet developed enough to germinate.

Myth #3 You Should Water Your Lawn Everyday

Myth – You should water your lawn every day for a minimum of 15 minutes as the grass will need regular water to germinate and grow efficiently.

Busted – This is one myth that you could do, however, it isn’t recommended. To ensure your lawn is healthier and more drought-tolerant you should choose one day of the week and water the lawn for at least an hour

Your lawn can become dependent on water if it has too much of it.

Myth #4 Cut the Grass Short, You Won’t Have to Mow It as Often

Myth – If you cut the grass short every time you cut your lawn you won’t have to mow it as often.

Busted – Although it may be convenient your lawn doesn’t like being cut too short! By cutting your lawn too short it’s easier for the soil to be exposed to sunlight, which causes browning, can encourage the growth of weeds, insects and lawn diseases.

Myth #5 Using a Hose Instead of a Sprinkler System Will Save You Money

Myth – You should always use a hose instead of a sprinkler or irrigation system as this will save money on the water bill.

Busted – Not a true statement, as a sprinkler or irrigation system will water your lawn more evenly and using a hose can increase the possibility of over-watering, which can increase your water bill.

It will also reduce the chances of under-watering, which can cause brown spots on your lawn. You’ll probably end up spending more money on repairing your lawn than you would be purchasing a sprinkler or irrigation system.

It’s always better to leave more complicated lawn care tasks to the professionals, so if you’re unsure what to do with your lawn then give your local TruGreen Professional Lawncare expert a call today. Also, make sure you check your facts before trying something new on your lawn as most myths will do more harm than good.