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Lawn Disease Treatment in Lincolnshire

Why does my lawn need it?

It is vital that all turf related diseases are treated as soon as possible! The development of most diseases is usually dependent upon weather conditions, so recent weather conditions are considered during any diagnosis. Most diseases will have certain characteristics such as discolouration of the grasses, brown dry patches or signs of fungi (mushroom type growth).

Common Lawn Diseases include: 

  • Red Thread – Red patches of dying grass
  • Rust – Rust coloured patches of grass
  • Fusarium, Microdochium Patch, Pink Snow Mould – Small circular patches of discolouration
  • Leaf Spot – Dark patches on the leaves of the grass plant
  • Dollar Spot – Middle of grass leaf damage
  • Fairy Rings – Circles of damage to the lawn

What is Lawn Disease Treatment?

We can apply pesticides throughout the year, the more regular the treatments, the better the control over the lawn diseases in question. We also recommend regular scarification to minimise any thatch layer, and aeration to allow for a good air flow to be maintained to the root of the plant.

Let us take care of the diseases within your lawn with our bespoke Lawn Disease Treatments
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