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Moss Control in Lincolnshire

Why does my lawn need it?

If you lawn is covered in moss or perhaps a few ‘mossy’ patches then it sounds like you need our help as Moss starves the grass plant of all the nutrients that it needs to grow, as well as making your lawn look dead, dry and unhealthy.

What is Moss Control?

The only way to really eliminate moss from your lawn is to eliminate the conditions for moss growth. Lawn Aeration can be the key to effective moss control as it will improve drainage and alter the conditions that moss needs to develop.

The moss control products that we use are specifically designed to help control moss. They may be granular or liquid and may or may not be combined with fertiliser, depending on the time of year and the specific requirements of your lawn. These products are only available to lawn care professionals.

So if you need help removing the moss from your lawn, speak to the professionals!

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