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Lawn Pest Control in Lincolnshire

Why does my lawn need it?

If your lawn is being affected by common lawn pests then you will need to get rid of them to get a healthy lawn! Lawn pests come in many different shapes and sizes, the most common are:

  • Leatherjackets – Eat grass roots/lay eggs which damage the lawn
  • Chafer Grubs – Eat grass roots/lay eggs which damage the lawn
  • Casting Worms – Produce casts on the lawn which affect its appearance
  • Frit Fly – Destroy grass roots which damage the lawn
  • Ants – Build ‘ant hills’ exposing the grass root

What is Lawn Pest Control?

Lawn Pests Control can be carried out 12 months of the year and most cases of turf pests will require the lawn spraying with an insecticide and you are recommended to have a number of applications to resolve the problem. We use the Summer and Autumn months for preventative measures to prevent them returning for the next season.

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