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Lawn Scarification in Lincolnshire

Why does my lawn need it?

Your lawn needs to be scarified to prevent the build up of thatch and other debris that will hinder the growth of a healthy lawn.

What is Lawn Scarification?

Lawn Scarification is a mechanical operation which will remove all unwanted organic matter from around the base of the grass plant (thatch) and neaten up any loose growth from your lawn. The process will also remove moss that will otherwise choke out the grass plant and restrict the growth of your lawn.

We carry out lawn scarification in Lincolshire at the beginning of the growing season (Spring or early Autumn) to allow the grass to recover from this rigorous process as fast as possible. Because of the stress that scarification places on the healthy grass plants it is not done routinely, but only when it is apparent that it will specifically resolve some difficulty or problem.

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