Moss treatment using Iron Sulphate

With February upon us, it is important that we start thinking about the treatment of moss, in order to avoid it becoming a major problem throughout the year. Especially following another winter where damp conditions and heavy rainfall have far outweighed any extended cold snap, it is important that you start moss treatments as soon as the weather allows. This is a necessary step in preparing the lawn for scarification, which will remove the moss and encourage strong spring growth.

Moss is very likely to grow thick and fast on your lawn following damp and overcast conditions – so acting quickly and using effective treatment is key. For treating lawn moss, we recommend…

Liquid Applications of Iron Sulphate

Commercial liquid applications containing Iron Sulphates will attack and kill moss. However, the treatment of moss should not be limited to only liquid applications, as some spring fertilisers will contain iron sulphate, which will work effectively on lawns where moss is less of a problem. All whilst having the same effect of blackening and killing the moss in readiness for scarification, iron sulphate in fertilisers additionally offer a balanced application of nutrients to the grass plant.

Further Benefits of Iron Sulphate Application

  • Iron sulphate is ideally suited for use during periods of low soil temperature. Such as Autumn, Winter and Spring, when moss is most prevalent
  • Produces a dark green, healthy-looking turf.
  • Toughens the turf thereby increasing disease tolerance.

However, Beware of Potential Hazards

All ferrous sulphate products (like iron sulphate) will stain pathways and patios, so please be mindful that all fertiliser granules will need to be swept or blown from all hard standing areas after application. Please also note that liquid applications will also cause the same level of staining. If you do have an issues with the staining of pathways, you can purchase various cleaning products to effectively remove such stains. But we advise trialling the product in an inconspicuous area prior to use, as all stones react differently according to their porosity.

Our Moss Treatment Process

By enlisting the help of TruGreen’s professional lawncare operatives, you can ensure that your lawn gets the proper, high quality, treatment it deserves. You won’t have to worry about drawbacks and potential hazards from self-application of a commercial product either. Our experts come fully equipped with the know-how and best possible tools for the job – ensuring that your lawn will be left free of moss, free of hassle.

Watch our moss treatment process using Iron Sulphate in action in this video from one of our lawncare experts: Richard from Rich Lawns and TruGreen Milton Keynes


To find out more about our services, or to book in a visit from one of our expert lawncare operatives, find your nearest TruGreen business today. Upon arrival, our experts will assess the condition of your lawn, and draw up a professional lawncare plan to best suit you, and your beloved lawn. Don’t let your garden be overrun by moss, get ready for spring now with a quality treatment plan from TruGreen.

Credit: Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster