Oakham resident launches lawn care franchise

An Oakham entrepreneur has taken his first step in business ownership by purchasing a professional lawn care franchise.

Ian Daniels, 29, spent 12 years working in the landscaping sector before taking the plunge into management and invested in his own business, TruGreen Professional LawnCare. Ian is now the owner and operator of TruGreen Shires and Rutland and will provide bespoke, professional lawn care services to residents across East Leicestershire, Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray, Grantham and Oakham.

Ian said: “I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and build my own business and the opportunity arose so I took it. Being able to serve customers in my beloved Oakham is a dream and I’m excited to grow to a point where I can take on staff, perhaps even an apprentice. I will work closely with my partner, who will hopefully join me full-time in the business as we grow and develop.

“The idea behind TruGreen is to offer each and every customer a bespoke, customised service and I like that and I can’t wait to start transforming lawns across the Shires and Rutland.”

Founded in 1973, TruGreen serves over 3.5 million customers each year across the world and in the UK, is a franchise of ServiceMaster, which has been in franchising for nearly 60 years.

Steve Welch, brand operations manager for TruGreen UK added: “Ian’s passion for outdoor work and his desire to build a successful business is great to see in a new franchisee. I’m confident lawns across East Leicestershire and Rutland will be beautifully healthy and lush in no time at all.”

Ian launches his business at the height of summer and advises: “In the warm weather, it’s important to keep your grass a little bit longer than usual to reduce stress and ensure your mower blades are sharp. Water the lawn well but only in the evenings or early mornings to avoid evaporation too quickly and if possible.”