Put a Spring Back into Your Lawn

Spring is nearly upon us and after the winter we’ve just experienced, now is the time to act if you want your lawn looking its very best for summer. By carrying out the right treatments now, you’ll not only be the envy of all your neighbours but you can help your lawn to remain luscious lawn all year round.

Get a head start with aeration

Carrying out aeration will help improve drainage in your lawn, especially with the abundance of rain and snow we’ve had. This process is integral to a year-round, beautiful lawn.

Aeration is normally recommended late March/early April when the ground is soft enough to benefit and if you don’t fancy hiring expensive equipment to do the job, grab your garden pitchfork and simply pierce holes in your lawn about four inches deep, distributed evenly across any problem areas.

Aeration will also help to control or eliminate moss and will ultimately improve your lawn’s health and appearance.

A moss treatment will transform your lawn from shabby to stunning

Any lawn care buff will know that moss control is a priority in the month of March. As well as making your lawn look uncared for, moss outperforms grass and will reduce the quality and density of your lawn.

A moss treatment in March could save time and effort in later spring.  If you applied moss killer in autumn, repeating the treatment again now will continue to prevent further moss encroachment in the garden.

Scarification for a lovely, lush lawn

Over this intense winter, your lawn will have gathered a build-up of moss and thatch that can only be effectively removed by scarifying.

Whilst scarification puts the grass plant under some intense stress, carrying out this job in the spring will ensure there is plenty of quality growing time for the plant to make a full recovery. In just a few short weeks, you should have a lush carpet of thick, green grass to enjoy.

Food for thought 

The spring is the very beginning of the growing season. Your lawn needs to keep its strength up to give it the best chance of surviving through the long (hopefully) hot (even more hopefully) summer! Appropriate feed treatments now will start your lawn’s growth off right.

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