What is overseeding?

All you need to know about lawn restoration and enhancement through overseeding.

Does your lawn appear thin, worn out, discoloured, or damaged no matter what you do? Flooding, dehydration, and other forms of lawn damage can have significant long-term impacts on the well-being of your turfgrass. And if your lawn has sustained substantial damage it’s likely that no amount of good upkeep, be it regular watering or a balanced fertiliser application can completely remedy the situation. In these cases, the solution is overseeding.

So, what is overseeding?

Due to its potentially perplexing name, overseeding can sound more complicated than it is. Put simply, lawn overseeding is the process of spreading new grass seed over the existing lawn to create a thicker and fresher growth. You’re putting new seeds alongside established grasses – hence the name overseeding. Some people also refer to this practice as reseeding of the lawn.

Why overseed your lawn?

As mentioned above, overseeding is a way of repairing damage to lawns from events that have caused significant harm like flooding. However, it isn’t just a disaster recovery process. Overseeding is also great for improving your lawn’s overall health, appearance and density, as well as enhancing its colour. This is good for both unhealthy or healthy and quality lawns. Be lawns that suffer from drought stress, bare patches, insect and disease damage, overseeding will benefit any existing lawn. For the latter, overseeding is often the best way to thicken the grass density and improve the plants health and appearance. Here, overseeding works as a protective measure to prevent damage, rather than as a restoration tactic, as following overseeding, the new turfgrass is better able to resist damage from drought, diseases and lawn-damaging insects.

How does overseeding your lawn work?

When you get in touch with your nearest TruGreen business, the first thing that will happen is that one of our lawn care experts will carry out a detailed inspection of your lawn as part of your free 14-point lawn analysis. This will allow them to assess the condition of your lawn and establish what treatments may be needed. If you then decide to move forward with a treatment plan with us, and overseeding is advised, the first thing we will do is introduce a seed mix that will allow for good germination and grass establishment into the thinner areas.

You may be thinking that focusing on specific areas could result in an uneven appearance on your lawn, but don’t worry, our seed mixtures allow for the newly germinating seed to blend in with the established grasses.

As well as consistency and planning – both of which are assured by a comprehensive and bespoke 12-month programme – the key to excellent lawn care is through a balanced approach, so It’s rare for any lawn care process to be carried out in isolation. Overseeding is no exception and is often performed alongside other treatments including lawn aeration.

Aeration is a mechanical process in which a machine punches holes into the soil to allow oxygen, water and vital nutrients to penetrate your lawn surface and encourage optimal root growth. Then, as the seed is introduced, the oxygen and moisture provided by aeration allows for strong and even germination and grass establishment.

Once the seed does germinate, all that’s required is to ensure that the seedlings are kept moist with light frequent watering until they are established. As new grasses fill in any damaged or bare patches, the combination of overseeding and aeration means that any weeds are prevented from becoming established, leaving you with a healthier, greener lawn.

The process of overseeding your lawn may seem simple, but it’s not just a matter of throwing the best grass seed onto the lawn. With the right know-how, and tools for whatever processes your lawn needs, our lawn care experts at TruGreen are equipped to help you achieve excellent overseeding results. With over 40 years of experience as one of the leading experts in quality lawn care, it’s no wonder lawn lovers across the UK trust TruGreen with their slice of paradise.

If you think your turf could benefit from overseeding needs to help it grow the extra mile, find your nearest TruGreen business to book your free 14-point lawn analysis today and start a treatment plan that suits you.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer