Will having a pet ruin your lawn?

Over 45% of the UK population own a pet and the majority of those will have a lawn, especially dog or cat owners.

If your lawn isn’t looked after even without a pet in the household, it will not thrive and give you the green grass you dream about. You do need to look after your lawn that little bit more with pets around though.

A dog’s playground…and toilet

Pet Dog on lawn

Of course, your garden is the perfect playground and toilet for your dog and there isn’t much you can do about this unless you want them peeing on your carpet indoors!

If you have a dog, these wonderful creatures are the main culprits for lawn damage, especially if you have a bitch. This is because female dogs squat and concentrate their urine in one spot, compared to a male dog who is more of a sprayer!

When a number two occurs, pick it up as soon as you can, but not with your hands!!

Hiring a professional lawn care specialist like TruGreen UK can help keep your lawn strong all year round and more likely to be able to withstand pet urination.

Quick Tip – Fill a bucket of water and empty it onto the area where your dog has just urinated, this will dilute the urine and assist in washing it through the soil.

The Purrrrfect Potty

Pet Cat on lawn

With cats being the second most owned pet in the UK after dogs, they can also cause a bit of damage to your lawn.

Cat urine is a bit more diluted than a dog, and to be honest they go out when they please and not when they are told. You’re less likely to know when and where your cat has been to the toilet, it is probably in someone else’s garden anyway!

Cats have the tendency of digging a hole in the ground to go to the toilet in and there are a few ways you can reduce this from happening. Here is one:

Quick Tip  – Scatter a bit of pepper over your lawn, this will not affect your lawn in any shape or form, and will just wash away when it rains, so keep scattering.

Quick Tip for Small Animals

For the smaller animals like a guinea pig or a tortoise, one of the best things you can do is to cordon off a small area of your lawn, leave this area and let them have it as their own little garden. Hey presto, everyone is happy!

Bonus animal! If you have a goat then, erm…. good luck with getting a nice lawn, they will probably eat the whole thing!

If you’re not sure how to look after your lawn with pets, then give your local TruGreen Professional Lawncare expert a call and they will be able to assist with all of your lawn needs.

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